Brief History

unpadFFaculty of Law Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) was established in 1957 and is one of the four pioneer faculties of Unpad. The faculty plays a central role in establishing and promoting Unpad’s philosophy of its academic undertakings, namely “to foster law and environment in national development”. This vision has become the main platform for education, research and community development activities at the Faculty of Law. Through their research, many of our academic staff have been involved in national policy making in various fields of law. Faculty of Law is also well known for its innovative teaching method, which includes the Legal Clinic and student-centred learning in numerous courses. Currently, Faculty of Law with 9 of its departments and 16 research centers/labs offers four study programs.



Study Programs

  1. Bachelor Degree (Sarjana Hukum);
  2. Master of Laws (Magister Hukum):
  3. Master of Notarial Law (Magister Kenotariatan); and
  4. Doctoral Degree (Doktor Ilmu Hukum).


  1. Civil Law Department
  2. Criminal Law Department
  3. Administrative Law Department
  4. Constitutional Law Department
  5. International Law Department
  6. Information and Communication Technology and Intellectual Property Law Department
  7. Environmental, Land, and Spatial Law Department
  8. Economic Law Department
  9. Transnational Business Law Department

Research Centers and Labs

  1. Centre for Criminal Policy
  2. Centre for State Policy
  3. Centre for Administrative Law Policy
  4. Indonesian Centre for the Law of The Sea (ICLOS)
  5. Indonesian Centre for Air and Space Law (ICASL)
  6. Centre for Human Rights
  7. Centre for Environmental and Spatial Law
  8. Centre for Agrarian Law
  9. Centre for International Trade and Arbitration Law
  10. Cyber Law Center
  11. Centre for Infrastructure Law
  12. Centre for Economic Law and Public Policy
  13. Centre for Islamic Law
  14. Centre for Private Law
  15. Centre of Islamic Economic Law
  16. Centre of International Law

The Faculty of law is currently having 106 permanent lecturers, consisting of 5 Professors, 40 Doctors, 59 Masters and 2 Bachelors. Lecturers at the Faculty of Law are obliged to conduct the ‘Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi’ which is consist of: carrying out teaching and learning activities, conducting research and serving the community, as well as being involved in the management of education. The lecturers continue to improve their quality by pursuing their higher education and conducting many seminars, workshops at the national, regional and international levels. This are their struggles to keep up with the development international community and also as an effort towards a world class university. In addition, all lecturers are required to write books (teaching, text, references), national and international journals.

The alumni of the Faculty of Law are widely speeded in various places and circles, for instance continuing their education, working in government and private institutions and becoming entrepreneurs. Our alumni have competitiveness and performance based on stakeholders’ satisfactory report.

The facilities and infrastructure of the faculty are supportive with practicum rooms, dedicated law library, examination rooms, e-learning facility, guidance and counseling facility, lp, etc.. The Faculty of Law is integrated with the Integrated Academic Information System (SIAT) and Library Information System (SIPERPUS) which is aimed at further service improvement.

Graduates of the Faculty of Law is equipped with the competencies which made them as legal professional. Referring to the needs of stakeholders, the new curriculum that has been introduced and is expected to boost the employability of the graduates. Academic quality improvement within the Faculty of Law is carried out on an ongoing basis in accordance with the guidelines for the administration of education. All activities in the fields of education, research, community service, and student affairs are carried out optimally with the goal of providing added value to improving the quality of both individuals and institutions.

The development and growth of the Law Faculty cannot be separated from the roles of the deans who have led the Faculty of Law from 1957 to the present, while the deans who have led the Law Faculty of UNPAD are as follows:

Dean of the Law Faculty of Universitas Padjadjaran

Development and growth of the Faculty of Law of UNPAD can not be separated from the roles of the Dean who once led the faculty of Law of UNPAD from 1957 to the present, as for the Dean-Dean who once led the faculty of Law of UNPAD is as follows

Prof. Dr. Iwa Koesoemasoemantri, S.H.

Dean Period : 1957-1962 / 1963-1964

Prof. Soeria Soemantri, drg

Dean Period : 1962-1963

Prof. Mr. Usep Ranawidjaja

Dean Period : 1965-1966

Prof. Dr. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja, S.H., LL.M.

Dean Period : 1962-1965 / 1971-1973

Prof. Dr. Komar Kantaatmadja, S.H., LL.M.

Dean Period : 1966-1968 / 1977-1979

Saleh Adiwinata, S.H

Dean Period : 1979 -1982

Prof. Dr. H. R. T. Sri Soematri, S.H

Dean Period : 1982 -1985 / 1985-1988

Prof. Dr. Sjahran Basah, S.H.,CN.

Dean Period : 1988-1991 / 1992-1995

Prof. Dr. Mieke Komar K, S.H., M.CL.,CN.

Dean Period : 1995-1998 / 1998-2002

Prof. Dr. H. Man S. Sastrawidjaja, S.H., S.U.

Dean Period : 2002-2005

Prof. Dr. H. Ahmad M. Ramli, S.H., M.H., FCBArb

Dean Period : 2005-2009

Prof. Dr. Ida Nurlinda, S.H., M.H

Dean Period : 2009 –2013

Dr. Sigid Suseno, S.H., M.Hum

Dekan Periode : 2013 - 2014

Prof. Dr. An An Chandrawulan, S.H., LL.M

Dean Period : 2014 - Sekarang