Prof. Dr. I. Gede Pantja Astawa, S.H., M.H. is a professor of Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, Padjadjaran University. He has expertise in the fields of Regional Government Law, Legislative Science, State Science Law, Constitutional Law, State Institution Law, Political Law and State Administrative Law. He is active as an Expert Speaker in various trials at the Constitutional Court, trials under the Supreme Court, as well as seminars, and other academic activities.
He is the Executive Director of the Regional Government Consultation Center (PKPD). The results of his thoughts have been published in various books such as Dynamics of Law and Legislation in Indonesia (2008). Problems of Regional Autonomy Law in Indonesia (2008), Understanding State Science and State Theory (2012).


• Hak Angket Dalam Sistem Ketatanegaraan Indonesia Menurut UUD 1945.

• Dinamika Hukum dan Ilmu Perundang-Undangan di Indonesia.

• Problematika Hukum Otonomi Daerah di Indonesia.

• Memahami Ilmu Negara dan Teori Negara.