Dr. Sudaryat, S.H., M.H. Is a practitioner of business law and capital markets. He graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1997 from the Faculty of Law, Padjadjaran University. Then he continued his master and doctoral education in Law from the Faculty of Law, Padjadjaran University.
Dr Sudaryat Permana is active in providing corporate law advocacy. He is often a facilitator in training for hundreds of companies, agencies and organizations on the legal aspects of a business. His various studies on business law have been published in the form of books, Legal Officer (2008), Franchise Law (2009), Intellectual Property Law (2010), Principles of Indonesian Company Law (2017), Legal Empowerment of MSMEs in Indonesia (2017).



  • Legal Officer.
  • Hukum Kekayaan Intelektual.
  • Pokok Pokok Hukum Perusahaan.
  • Pemberdayaan UMKM.
  • Hukum Persaingan Usaha.
  • Hukum Waralaba.