The vision and mission of the Faculty of Law Unpad is structured by involving many parties both from the academic community, alumni, and related stakeholders, the constituent team in preparing the mission vision of the faculty to design by referring to the vision of the university’s mission, the university’s plan, to refer to the unpad development strategy in 2007-2026.

To produce a quality mission vision, the mission vision design is discussed in a public discussion /test forum with stakeholders, the completion of the mission vision text is discussed again in a workshop together with the quality assurance unit until it gets approval and senate approval.

The evaluation of vision and mission was organized through a mission vision evaluation workshop, which then produced the Dean’s Decree on The Determination of Mission Vision of the Faculty of Law Unpad.


Become a Faculty of Law Based on International Research and Competitiveness in 2024.


  1. Organizing a tri dharma of universities (education and teaching, research and development of science, and community service) in the field of legal science, which can meet the demands of the community of higher education service users
  2. Organizing integrated interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary / transdisciplinary research cooperation at the national and international level that is competitive and relevant to the demands of the development of science and technology as well as the needs of the community
  3. Organizing the management of professional and accountable legal science education to improve the trust and image of universities in the community
  4. Establish a devout and law-conscious academic person by upholding the dignity of local culture, and national culture in the diversity of world cultures.

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