In 1999 the numbering system was no longer in use, the numbering was changed using the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system by Prof. Bagir Manan, S.H., MCL, who at that time was appointed as Chairman of library development of the Faculty of Law by the Dean held by Prof. Dr. Mieke Komar, S.H., MCL.

Until now the Library of the Faculty of Law Unpad already has several leaders or Heads of the Library, the first is Idawati Syahrudin, S.H. (1957-1976), followed by Dra. Heny Purakusuma (1976-1982), the third leader Dr. Hj. Tenne Rustini, S.H., M.H. (1982-1985), in 1986 Dra. Ati Murniati who was the Library Scholar served as a head until 1992, In relation to her being the Head of Unpad Central Library, Mrs. Ati was replaced by Mr. Nandang as Head of Library Affairs (1992–2002), and continued by Mrs. Yenni Yunianingsih until 2008.

In 2008 The Unpad Law Library was renamed ‘Mochtar Kusumaatmadja Law Library’ and led by Prof. Huala Adolf, S.H., LLM., Ph.D (2008-2010), but because he was appointed head of the S3 Study Program and his busyness was replaced by Dr. Hj. Lastuti Abubakar, S.H., M.H. who also served as Assistant Dean I.

Furthermore, from 2011 until now the Library is led by Susi Dwi Harijanti, S.H., LLM., Ph.D. Under the leadership of Mrs. Susi many programs are applied for the advancement of the Library. In 2013 the head of the library was led by Sri Rakhmiyati, S.Sos., M.I.Kom.

The Faculty was formed in conjunction with the establishment of the Faculty of Law Unpad in 1957. Initially, this library was located on Jalan Imam Bonjol No. 21 Bandung and since 2008 has been on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Mochtar Kusumaatmadja Building on Jalan Dipati Ukur Kampus.

In early 2009, the Mochtar Kusumaatmadja Building was inaugurated. The inauguration was carried out by the Rector of Unpad, Prof. Ganjar Kurnia, on January 27, 2009.

In early 2009 the Mochtar Kusumaatmadja Building was inaugurated. The inauguration was conducted by the Rector of Unpad, Prof. Ganjar Kurnia, on January 27, 2009.

Prof. Dr. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja, S.H., LL.M, is an educator and statesman who has made outstanding contributions to legal higher education in Indonesia. 

This library building is a dedication devoted to the fifth Rector of Unpad, Selian, the establishment of this library reflects the establishment of Prof. Mochtar who realized how important the library is as the heart of the college.

The library building consists of four floors of contemporary minimalist design, built on an area of 550 square meters with a building area of 2,200 square meters. This library building is expected to fulfill the mandate of Article 3 of Law No. 43 of 2007 on Libraries, which can serve as a vehicle for education, research, preservation, and information to improve the intelligence and power of the nation.

The inauguration of this building was attended directly by Prof. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja and several Unpad officials, including Warek Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Husein Hernandi Bahti, Warek In Student Affairs, Trias Nugrahadi, dr., Sp.KN, Warek For Cooperation Prof.Dr. Tb. Zulriska Iskandar, S.Psi., M.Sc., Warek For Information Systems Planning and Supervision, Prof.Ir. Tarkus Suganda, M.Sc., Ph.D, Secretary of the Senate Prof.Dr. Johan S. Masjhur, Sp.KN.

Also present were several other invited guests, Head of Bappenas Easter Suzetta, Mayor of Cimahi Ir. HM. It Tochija, MM., Head of State Printing Of Indonesia Dr. Subrata, 8th Rector of Unpad, Prof.Dr.H.A, Himendra W., dr., Sp.An., KIC., KNA, also Dean of the Faculty of Law Prof..Dr.H. Ahmad M. Ramli, S.H., M.H.

Dean of the Faculty of Law Unpad, Prof..Dr.H. Ahmad M. Ramli, S.H., M.H., in his speech explained that the fund for the construction of this library building came from a student development fund with a value of around Rp. 7 billion, Prof. Ramli admitted that the Faculty of Law was very proud of the inauguration of this building. He also added, the dedication that has been given by Prof. Mochtar has provided motivation for the realization of the construction of this building.

As an expression of gratitude to the Universitas Padjadjaran extended family, Prof. Armida Alisjahbana representing Prof. Mochtar said he was very grateful and grateful for the appreciation and attention that has been given for the realization of this library building. 

“Hopefully this library can be used as well as possible and useful for future generations,” said Prof. Armida.

In the decade 1960 to 2008, this library is located at Jalan Imam Bonjol No. 21 Bandung which was previously named “Library of Faculty of Law Universitas Padjadjaran”, occupying an area of approximately 600m.

At that time, the Library of the Faculty of Law used two systems, namely Closed System in the circulation section where users were not allowed to take their own books but asked officers to take books to be borrowed, while in the reference section using the Open Access system used to take their own books to be read.

The classification system used is the H system which means ‘Law’ which is modified with classification numbers based on the subject. This numbering is based on the system used by the National Legal Development Agency (BPHN), this system is on the advice of Prof. Dr. Sunarjati Hartono, S.H. to be in line with the universal system.



Become the Superior Center of Scientific Information in the Field of Law in achieving the Vision of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Padjadjaran


  1. Providing sources of information in the field of law for the academic community of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Padjadjaran, and the community.
  2. Develop collections based on the development of legal science.
  3. Organizing and developing services based on information and communication technology.
  4. Organizing the processing, maintenance, and management of the Library
  5. Provides professional Library personnel who have good communication skills and are able to use technology to improve service and legal information flow.
  6. Carrying out adequate facilities and infrastructure for the convenience of users.
  7. Helping and encouraging the academic community of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Padjadjaran to achieve the highest ability in the field of legal science.
  8. Make a contribution to the promotion of legal science.
  9. Contribute to the improvement of teaching, research, and community development

Three Pillars of Mochtar Kusumaatmadja Library Strategy

  1. Staff
  2. Excellent service
  3. Collection

Together, the three work and serve to create a comfortable library environment.


Source of Information
The library serves as a place to store human works, especially printed works such as books, magazines, and the like and recorded works.

Educational and Learning Facilities
Libraries are a formal and non-formal means of education. Although the Mochtar Kusumaatmadja Library is mainly intended for the academic community of FH Unpad, the off-campus community can also utilize the Library collection for educational and learning facilities.

Library as a support for research activities in the framework of the function of Tri Darma College. The library becomes a source of information that becomes a reference in finding literature.

Community Service
The library becomes a means of support in the implementation of one of the functions of Tri Darma College

As a Documentation Center and Repository of the Faculty of Law
The library becomes a place to store scientific works of the academic community of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Padjadjaran