Master of Notarial Program

Master of Notarial Program at Universitas Padjadjaran was officially held in 1979/1980 academic year consisting of one program study and inaugurated by Director General of Higher Education, Department of Education and Culture on 23th July 1979. Since that time, public trusts toward implementation and demanding of expertise/specialization of this Master of Notarial Program have increased. Against this background, since 1984/1985 academic year, there are 9 (nine) Study Programs offered by the University.


Competency Standard

  1. This Program is able to provide solution to contemporary legal problems, particularly problems related to notary law.
  2. This Program is able to develop notary law through research by using either interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach. In doing so, students participating in this Program could produce academic writings that are recognized nationally and internationally as well.
  3. This Program is able to contribute to national development, especially in the field notary law.

Master of Notarial Program which has excellence and international competitiveness in 2024.

  • To organize high quality notary education in order to produce graduates having legal skill and competence in notary law as well as upholding academic and professional ethics.
  • To organize education management by applying credible, transparent, accountable, responsible and fair principle (quality assurance).
  • To develop and organize research in accordance with development of notary law in order to achieve national law development agenda.
  • To develop and organize community service in the field notary law based on development and community needs.
  • To organize cooperation with alumni, users and stakeholders pursuant to equality and mutual benefit principle in realizing academic activity, education, improvement of facilities and infrastructure as well as reviewing the vision, mission and curriculum.

Dr. Dadang Epi Sukarsa, S.H., M.H.

Director of The Master ‘s Programme in Notary Studies Program

Curriculum and Study Load

Curriculum is a set of plans and arrangements regarding the content, study material, subject, method and assessment used as guidance in conducting teaching and learning process at Magister of Notary Program which must be taken by students in order to obtain Master of Notary degree.

The Notary Master Program’s curriculum consists of core and institutional subject and is divided into compulsory and elective subjects, research proposal seminars and Thesis. This program also provides a curriculum with a study load that must be taken as many as 49 credits and taken within 4 (four) semesters.


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