The 1st Bandung International Conference on law 2-3 December 2020

10 Dec The 1st Bandung International Conference on law 2-3 December 2020

The 1st Bandung International Conference on Law was held by the Faculty of Law Universitas Padjadjaran on 2nd to 3rd December 2020 with the theme of ‘Law and Globalization’. The international conference was conducted virtually through zoom meeting application and attended by the Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran, Dean and Vice Dean of Faculty of Law Universitas Padjadjaran, honorary speakers, and all of the participants from Indonesia and countries outside Indonesia. This international conference was commenced by the rector of Universitas Padjadjaran who was represented by the Vice Rector 1, Prof. Arief S. Kartasasmita, Ph.D. The Dean of Faculty of Law Universitas Padjadjaran, Prof. Dr. An An Chandrawulan, S.H., LL.M. also delivered an opening speech.

From her speech, the Dean hopes that this international conference can serve as a discussion platform for many legal issues that has happened in this globalization era from many perspectives, and can also be an inspiration for all of us to realize it in a form of direct contribution in law development in which currently has different challenges and obstacles due to globalization.

The 1st Bandung International Conference on Law consisted of 2 main events which are plenary sessions and parallel sessions. The Plenary sessions were divided into 3 sections guided by 3 moderators who are Gusman Catur Siswandi, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D., Dr. Nella Sumika, S,H., M.H., dan Dr. Idris S.H., M.A. Furthermore, we had 2 invited speakers from Australia National University, Prof. Donald Rothwell, and Prof. Gordon Anthony from Queen Belfast University. As well as speakers from the Republic of Indonesia Prosecutor’s Office, Tony Tribagus Spontana, S.H., M.H, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Iur. Damos Dumoli Agusman, S.H, M.H. and academics from the Faculty of Law Universitas Padjadjaran consisting of Prof. Susi Harijanti, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D., Dr. Widati Wulandari, S.H., M.Crim and Dr. Indra Perwira, S.H, M.H. The Parallel Sessions were divided into 6 sub-themes, there are Law Enforcement, Procedural Law and Dispute Settlement, Invesment, Economic and Business Law, Law and Technology, Intellectual Property and Cyber Law, Environmental Law, Law and Policy Making and General Topic.   

In the 2 days of the event, the International Conference reflected on several interesting topics around the issue of globalization. This can be seen through the interesting and unique presentations delivered within the paralell sessions, along with the dicussions of the panelists during the plenary sessions in various fields of law.

The plenary session commenced through a keynote speech from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs represented by H.E. Cecep Heriawan as Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia. In his remarks, he stated that there is a need for solutions to the issues in facing globalization such as strengthening multilateralism, increasing cooperation and enhancing foreign policies. Diplomacy is fundemental to finding a solution to the new challenges, where Indonesia remains independent and active, while also fulfilling a crucial role in the development of international law as a non-permanent member of UNSC, member of UNHRC and elected member of UN ECOSOC. He hopes that the 1st Bandung International Conference on Law can contribute to the development of law in overcoming international issues. Each individual has an obligation to be part and contribute to resolving international challenges in the era of globalization.

In discussing the conference theme that revolved around law and globalization, there were two perspectives that were put forward by our invited speakers at the plenary session. First, as conveyed by Professor Donald Rothwell, about globalization of the state and its impact on law, and also by Professor Gordon Anthony, the concept of deglobalization whereby states begin to separate from international law to encourage more independence in their internal affairs even though, conceptually speaking, it seems like an impossible task to do. In the plenary sessions there were some issues that were conveyed by the discussants, such as Dr. Iur. Damos Dumoli, who highlighted Indonesia’s role in the development of past international law, Prof. Susi Dwi Harijanti, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D who discussed about the constitutionalization of international law, Tony Tribagus Spontana, S.H., M.Hum who discussed the adoption of international regulations in regulating corruption crimes in Indonesia, Dr. Widati Wulandari S.H., M.Crim who discussed the influence of technology in criminal law enforcement, and Dr. Indra Perwira S.H., M.H. who discussed developments in Indonesian law that are internationally impacted.

All in all, in the closing remarks the Vice Dean of Faculty of Law expressed his high hopes that the discussion about law and globalization in our international conference could be the basis and a topic of discussion for law development in present-future, and could be a fundamental basis for further research and development, and so that this event will strengthen the relationship between academicians, researchers and policy makers.

*public relations Faculty of Law Unpad